Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Videos by Medicus GolfThe Stack & Tilt Swing from Medicus is one of the most popular golf swing methods to come along inquite some time. The philosophy is simple

in theory but the results have been tremendous. All the PGA tour players that have adapted this swing have had unbelievable results (in their words, not mine). Aaron Baddeley and Mike Weir are two of the more prominent golfers on tour to make the swing change.

Feedback & Overview-

The Stack and Tilt is now being used extensively on the PGA tour.  Mike Weir (2003 Master’s winner), Aaron Baddely, Charlie Wi and Eric Axley are just some of PGA tour players to have converted to the Stack and Tilt and have reported fantastic results.  Whether it is Green in Regulations, Fairways hit, or winning more tournaments, these guys are seeing measurable and substantial results.

The method focuses on keeping your weight centered or over the front foot.  Keeping stationary eliminates the “sway” that occurs in conventional swings making it more compact.  The method is really quite simple, but simplicity is the beauty.  The swing has seen extraordinary results, especially with more accomplished players that fight with the occasional pull or fade that “creep” into their game and result in inconsistencies.  This swing is really all about instilling consistency into your game without the cost of losing distance.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  You gain both consistency and distance/power with the Stack and Tilt through elimination of wasted movements.

Tour players understand the importance and necessity of good ball striking in order to compete – the Stack and Tilt delivers. The Stack and Tilt is a comprehensive and organized, step-by-step that show the fundamentals, along with in-depth analysis. Achieve a Straighter, Longer, and More Consistent Golf Swing Easily and Effectively. Begin domination of your competition and start playing like the big dog in your group with the #1 Swing on tour!

Customer Comments-

“When I first tried it in June, it was amazing. Low zipping irons that flew about 10% further than normal.”

“I’m a 3 handicap and play half decent normally but the improvement in ball flight was truly astounding.”

“I am striking the ball better than ever and my 5 lowest rounds ever have been in the last 2 weeks.”

Product Specifications-

Stack & Tilt golf Swing from Medicus is a comprehensive DVD series.  The series covers, in detail and step by step  what is needed to succeed using this revolutionary swing.  The series is designed to take you through the nuances of the Stack and Tilt swing, everything from the back swing, down swing, and follow through are all covered in great detail. Nothing is left out in this exceptional learning aid.

Overall Rating-

If you are looking to retool your swing this winter or spring, the Stack and Tilt will deliver results.  It’s a swing that has taken the PGA Tour by storm and is now “leaking” into the recreational realm at a fairly rapid rate.  You will still be on the leading edge of this revolutionary swing that others swear by to improve accuracy and distance.  So don’t be left out, switch to the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing and watch your ball contact improvement sky rocket!

Keep in mind, we have provided a couple avenues to purchase Stack and Tilt. You can order through Medicus or eBay.  To purchase through Medicus, click on the image above.  To either bid or Buy Now on eBay, see the listings below.

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