David Nevogt and Head Pro Bobby Eldridge have created a be-all, end-all book on the golf swing.  It’s called Full Swing Book and they make big claims that would make most book publishers shudder.  What I mean by that is Mr. Eldridge makes big, and I mean big, promises to you that will make you wonder why you haven’t bought any of his books in the past.  So let’s get to it.

The Golf Swing is a comprehensive book that covers the every conceivable aspect of the golf swing, from top to bottom.  Or, should I say from Take Away to Finish.  Either way you put it, if you are a serious golfer that wants to improve your game, lower your scores and take your game to the next level… well, put this one on the short list.

As Eldridge puts it-“If you could only own one golf eBook, this is the one to own.” And he’s right.  What you get in this book pales all other books he’s done, and that’s saying a lot!  The predecessor, Simple Swing – Golf Guru, was read by over 16,000 golfers from 22 countries!

What do you get in this book?

1. Checkpoints to make sure you’re at the right position throughout the golf swing.  In no time, you’ll be able to monitor your own swing and make the necessary adjustments based on your knowledge of the swing.  This is HUGE!

2. The SET UP that will give you the sure-fire success.  Once you “get this”, the rest of it simply falls into place every single time.  No kidding.  When you know how to set up, you are on your way to a successful, consistent swing.  Nevogt shows you how to do this every single time.

3. Let’s face it.  The back swing is probably the most critical aspect of the swing itself.  Nevogt’s back swing is radically different than the “average” golfer.  He’ll show you the the key to consistency and distance.

4. The solution to make your “timing” perfect every time you swing.

5. An inside trick on balance that almost makes you feel like you are cheating!

6. A secret that enables you to hit the ball exactly where you want to every time.  Eldridge says this tidbit has had golfers proclaim that this along, was worth the price of the book.

7. Lastly, Eldridge shows you how to loose the fat and thin.  And he’s not talking about your weight.  He has a method to forever rid the “fat shots” and the “thin shots” forever more.

In addition to fat content and unbelievable graphics to help you visualize these critical thoughts, when you buy this ebook, he’s giving you 3 bonuses:

Bonus #1– Golf Swing in DVD!  That’s right, he is currently giving away the DVD for a limited time.  This is worth $72 by itself.

Bonus #2- Full membership in Apprenticeship program which includes Weekly Lessons, DVD clips, Breakdown Sessions, Practice Drills, Worksheets and Assignments, Swing Analyzer Software, Live Teleseminars, Training Aid Evaluations, Tracking Worksheets, PurePoint Member Forum, Private and Private Stat Tracker.
Bonus #3- This last bonus really belongs on a separate offering. Updates to this book $50 value, 30-day email access to Eldridge.  That’s right.  For 30 days, you will have the ability to email him with any question you have and he will respond within 48 hours.  Now that’s service and by itself worth the price he’s asking for this book! One last thing, you’ll get a Pro Internet Newsletter will be available in High-Definition Video.

Is there anyone this ebook will not help?

Yes.  If you are a scratch golfer, you probably will not benefit as much.  This system is designed for the average golfer that wants to raise significantly raise the level of their game.

Price– $47

Guarantee- 8 Weeks, unconditional Guarantee.  If for any reason you don’t feel this system is worth $47, simply return it, no questions asked.

Overall Rating-

The Full Swing book really does cover everything you need to make your golf swing the envy of your buddies.  I can say with 100% certainty, this instructional book easily exceeds the pain associated with paying for something.  $47 for everything is offered in this system is a GREAT bargain, one that I’m sure you’ll be happy with.  This is really a complete golf swing system for the serious golfer.  If you are on the fence on this one, my recommendation would be to try it out.  You have nothing to loose.

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