Simple Swing by David Nevogt ala Golf Swing Guru, has been a permanent fixture atop of Clickbank golf instruction for what seems forever.  The e-book surfaced in March of 2004 and has never looked back.  Nevogt since has become an accomplished author/instructor releasing a number of golf instructional e-books and DVD’s.  This is by far his most acclaimed work.  “The Simple Golf Swing” has helped 16,452 golfers during the past 3 years“.

Customer Feedback-

“cut 7 strokes in 2 weeks!”

“In 1 Week – I Dropped 10 Strokes”

“Handicap Dropped from a 14 to a 10”

Product Overview-

Simple Swing is an e-book that emphasizes the swing as the key to lowering scores. Naturally the swing is a major component of the golf game. Without solid mechanics, you will never see south 90. With solid swing fundamentals however you will break 90, 80 and in some cases 70.

The Simple Swing not only offers you the key to breaking 100, 90, 80, or even 70, by honing your swing and eliminating all faults that naturally creep into your game, it provides 8 bonuses to help other parts of your game!

1. The Simple Chip arms you with information needed to start one-putting and getting that up-and-down when you need it most.

2. Fit to a Tee, an e-book by Mike Pedersen read by over 50,000 golfers to improve endurance and strength needed to play your best.

3. Training aids you can make at home. Great for the off-season!

4. Putting tips. A must-have to shave those strokes when your puttin’ for dough.

5. How to get out of sand and close to the cup, a nice little gem to make your buddies jaws drop as you thump your way out of bunkers.

6. Lifetime upgrades. This in itself is worth the $47!

7. Mental pre-shot routine. Every good player has one.

8. Saving the best for last. Secrets of the game’s longest hitters. Key guest is Mike Austin. Who is he? Just somebody that launch a drive 515 yards… 30 years ago!



Refund Policy-

60 Day Unconditional Guarantee.  If it does not deliver results you expect, simply return it, no questions asked.

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