Oban is a relative newcomer on the block but that does not stop them from becoming a major player in the shaft world.  The Oban Devotion is one of those highly praised shafts to come along that oh by the way, includes Jim Furyk as a client.

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The Oban Devotion is a very diverse shaft with regard to weight – in fact, probably one of the most diverse we’ve seen – ranges between 43 grams (extremely lightweight) to 84 (upper scale for sure).  The actual design remains consistent throughout the range of weight classes.  However the Torque and Kick points change by weight with a firm Tip, Butt and Mid sections.

Because of the wide range of weight classes, it makes sense to classify models by weight – Devotion 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  The Devotion 4 & 5 is suited for the golfer seeking higher ball flight and launch and spin – best suited for slower swing speeds.   While the Devotion 6, 7, and 8 progressively gets a tighter/lower ball flight with a lower spin rate, ideal for players that load their shaft and/or quicker tempo.

Actual Player Feedback-

“I am already quite impressed”

“I am really really enjoying the consistency that this shaft is giving me right now”

“I really like the look of the shaft and it feels really good with nice dispersion”

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Wide range of weight classes makes this an extremely diverse shaft.  The Devotion is an extremely stable shaft that remains consistent throughout the swing.  And with a growing number of advocates, one of them a top 10 world golfer, it’s ripe for some devotion.


Not a well known shaft, which makes the Oban not a widely distributed and easily accessible shaft for the masses.

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Overall Rating-

The Oban Devotion has all the makings of a great shaft, already is by many standards.  As mentioned, Jim Furyk has taken a liking to the Devotion 7.  The Devotion is certainly growing in leaps and bounds and is becoming a very popular shaft with good reason.

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