Playing golf is expensive; you have to buy all the essential golf equipment, golf accessories, and pay membership fees or green fees. Many will also need to invest in professional golf swing lessons and other golf learning supplies. Unfortunately, you will find that there is always something else that you "must" invest in - like golf bag accessories.

The following top 3 golf bag accessories are not necessary for everyone. Untidy golfers won’t want the first one, golfers that don’t travel to play golf in other parts won’t need the second one, and for those that play golf in cold climates might not need the third one.

A Golf Bag Organizer

If you do find that you have no where suitable to store your golf bag and equipment, then you should get a golf bag organizer. Apart from keeping everything in one place, a good golf bag storage unit will protect your valuable golf equipment. When you go to play your next round of golf, you can just grab your golf bag of the rack and you are ready to go.

The majority of golf bag organizers are sturdy, efficient, and even modern looking. They are designed to either sit on the floor or be hung on the wall, and hold one or two golf bags, along with various shelves for shoes, accessories, towels, and whatever other gear you might want to keep to hand. There are several styles and materials to select, like brushed nickel steel, walnut wood finishes, or even plastic.

Golf Travel Bags

If you want to travel with your clubs, whether it's for a business golf trip, or an extended family golf vacation, it's important to know that you've got everything you need to make your round of golf stress free. To make sure all your gear arrives safely and intact, you will need a golf travel bag.

There are basically two types to choose from. The first is an all-in-one combo golf bag and travel bag. Many golfers like the ease and practicality of a special golf club travel bag that doubles as a travel case. The second type, on the other hand, is for golfers that don't want to unpack their existing golf bag and transfer everything to a travel bag. Instead, you can invest in a quality travel case, and simply pack your bag and golf equipment inside the case.

Golf Bag Coolers

The last of my top 3 golf bag accessories is a golf bag cooler. If you find yourself playing golf when it is over 100 in the shade, and you’re far from a beverage cart or water fountain, you can get an insulated golf bag cooler. These handy items are insulated, waterproof, and soft-sided, so they can be stored in any large opening in your bag.

Golf bag coolers come in different sizes that can hold from 6 to 12 cans of your favorite cold beverage. As they are watertight, you can pack them with ice, or you can use cooler packs that can be re-frozen again and again. Because coolers come with a handy shoulder strap, they can also be carried as an all-purpose travel cooler.

Whether you want to be a more organized golfer, take your clubs on your next golf vacations, or quench your thirst on the golf course, you will find that these golf bag accessories will be of use to you. If you play your golf in Ireland or Scotland, you will need yet another golf bag accessory - an umbrella!