Nowadays, aspiring golfers have more methods to help themselves improve their ball hitting techniques. Technology has a great part for this benefit. We now have what we call golf fitting technology which easily allows the golfers to meet the golf clubs that will perfectly work for them. You can find many types of golf clubs in the market but finding one that will best match the golfer’s style is only possible with the help of the club fitting services offered by many golf companies. Here are some of the popular company names in the world of golf club fitting as well as the latest trends about them.

PING Names National/Regional Club Fitters Of The Year | Golf News …


The company also recognized Regional Club Fitters of the Year, a mix of first-time winners and those who have won previously. “We are fortunate to have an excellent network of club fitting accounts in Canada and we are

Club-fitting series: Importance of being fitted | Golf News at Golfweek


Clubfitting series: Importance of being fitted. TaylorMade is about to dramatically expand its network of Performance Labs, with a goal of opening 24 facilities with company-approved fitters in the next two years.

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“Reports indicate that 92% of all golfers are still playing ill-fitting clubs, a true embarrassment for our industry” said Jennifer King, President of KZG. “Industry experts agree there are only 500 Vincent Willems Golf Centrum Puurs NV. Eddy Pelgrims Golf Fitting Studio. England. Gene Fulton Corporate Golf Company. Nevil Bland Brocton Hall Golf Club. Gary Mills Hedge End Golf Centre. Matt Pearson Performance Fitting Centre. France. Laurent Rueff GOLforU. Arnaud Smaghe Gard &

In searching for golf clubs, you must keep this thing in mind. That is, you need to get fitted. Many golf companies offer such services. Different golf fitting companies offer different approaches. You have to go with what you are comfortable with. There are some that even offer online club fitting to provide their clients with more comfort and convenience. Once you are settled, you can utilize them and start aiming for a better handicap level.