Mizuno is more known for the being a manufacturer of “players irons”, but make no mistake, they also make some pretty darn good game improvement irons as well.  Such is the case for the new Mizuno MX-300 irons.

The milled pocket cavity present in the 3 through 7 irons, saves a full 17 grams of weight that is moved lower in the head to help golfers launch the ball much easier.  In addition, a solid power bar is used in the short irons, 8 through gap wedge which dramatically enhances the feel needed for those approach and around the green shots.

Mizuno MP-300 Review Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“The size of these is just right. Do you have a players-club-plus category?”

“I bought a new set of these clubs in June of 2010 and my handicap index has gone from a 15.2 to an 11.2”

“Coming from MP-32s, I gained a whole bunch of forgiveness. However, with the proper shafts, I’ve actually gained a better impact feel/sound in my irons, am hitting two clubs longer (thanks to the strong lofts, and lighter shafts), am hitting it higher (great considering I’m a low ball hitter), and am just compressing the ball beautifully”

[review pros=”Mizuno has always had a solid reputation for close attention to detail, and the MX-300 is no exception.  The dual cambered sole with a leading edge bevel and rolled trailing edge makes going through turf like cutting butter.  The one claim to fame for the MX-300 is having a solid impact sound and feel.” cons=”Probably not the most forgiving game-improvement iron on the market.  Also, the MX-200 being similar from a marketing standpoint might confuse some.” score=99.4]

Overall Rating-

A very solid game-improvement iron – the Mizuno MX-300 provides the best of both worlds, good forgiveness coupled with feel and workability.  Anyone in the mid handicap range should definitely explore the MX-300 irons.