Mizuno wedges have seem to be a favorite amongst the advanced players. The Mizuno MP-T will be no exception to that rule. The MP-T touts a “grain flow” forging process on a special billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel that has everyone talking. In addition to the unique forging process, the deep square grooves, which incidentally are computer milled for exceptional spin, dramatically improve playability. The teardrop head gives it a conventional wedge look.

Club Left Loft Lie Offset Length Bounce
47-06 n/a 47 63.0 n/a 35.50 6
51-06 Yes 51 63.0 n/a 35.25 6
53-08 n/a 53 63.0 n/a 35.25 8
56-10 n/a 56 63.0 n/a 35.25 10
56-14 Yes 56 63.0 n/a 35.25 14
58-10 n/a 58 63.0 n/a 35.25 10
60-05 n/a 60 63.0 n/a 35.00 5
60-08 Yes 60 63.0 n/a 35.00 8

Player Profile-

Designed for the low to mid handicapper that is looking for a well rounded wedge, capable of different spin and trajectories.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Very much a piece of artwork. The heel and sole grinds are functional”

“I’ve played several wedges over the past 5 years and while Cleveland, Callaway and Titleist Wedges are very good, they aren’t as good as the Mizuno MP series wedges”

” The product of Mizuno’s truly unequalled forging process is one of the sweetest feeling wedges around”


Solid wedge with a great reputation, like I mentioned, especially amongst the better player. Mizuno wedges are regarded as a well engineered wedge with an avid following.


Has been given a wrap of not providing enough spin, but this is definitely subjective and it all depends on who you talk to.


The Mizuno MP-T Series wedge is an excellent wedge for the better player. If you are a high handicapper, you may be better off looking at the Cleveland or Taylormade wedges. But for the low to mid handicapper, you will not find a better wedge. Return to Golf Gear Select Home.