Well it’s here… Although not new in 2009′, the Grafalloy Epic was Grafalloy’s first go at the new technology that puts a new meaning to strength, the patented Nanofuse technology. Grafalloy is offering the distance of graphite with the control of steel… that’s the mantra anyway. “Epic represents the first sporting goods product that’s been truly enabled by recent advances in utilizing complete nanotechnology,” states Graeme Horwood, Vice President Engineering / R & D. The Nanofuse technology material offers a super-lightweight shaft with explosive distance and up to 35% improvement in shot dispersion. If this is true, this would put an extra 20 yards in distance! This is a bold statement by Grafalloy, let’s see if they can back it up.

Here is a video by Grafalloy that explains the process/production details of this shaft.

Actual Player Feedback-

“It is very tight on dispersion”

“I picked up 8 yards of carry over the Diamana Red Board in my driver with the same launch angle and about 300 RPM less spin”

“It’s a long straight shaft, no joke”

Grafalloy Epic Specs-

The specs are fairly uniform. The shaft flex comes in R, S and X and weight ranges from 69 to 73 based on the Tip Size .335 or .350. The Torque is 3.5 for all models.


The rave is a smooth shaft with tight dispersion and added distance. A very good looking shaft with it’s silvery with exceptional calligraphy. Almost reminds me of the new Fubuki. This shaft has proven and continues to gain notice. The shaft is basically a high launch, low to mid spin shaft that provides exceptional feel.


Price. This is a high-end shaft with a higher end price that may put this shaft out of reach for many which is unfortunate.

Overall Rating-

Due to it’s fairly new technology and higher price, it’s not a mainstream shaft but amid the rave reviews, it continues to gain in popularity amongst the ardent golfer looking for right shaft profile. The Grafalloy Epic is a high end, quality shaft that maybe fair to say, is ahead of it’s time?