Consistency is the hardest part of golf. But consistency provides a big payback.

It’s quite impossible for for any human, Tiger Woods included, to hit the golf ball perfectly 100% of the time.
What good golfers can do however is consistently hit good shots most of the time.

It is consistency that sets apart great golfers from average golfers.

If its one thing that can really help a golfer gain consistency, it’s through practice. But there is another side of the equation. Consistently hitting bad shots. The more you do anything consistently, the more it will become natural behavior and this applies to poor techniques as well.

The sooner you address poor golf techniques, the sooner you will be able to practice the correct methods.

The need for consistency is why anyone serious about playing better golf should get professional instruction. Before learning bad techniques, get yourself a good instructor to ingrain good techniques that will in turn, breed consistency.

It was the belief of Harry Vardon that everyone should learn the game of golf before playing it. Some golf purists would even advise newcomers of the sport to take lessons before ever attempting to play a round. This may be good advice although I don’t see it as practical.

Consistency is very important in many sports. The game of golf however is probably one sport where consistency is paramount for improvement. With improvement comes satisfaction and enjoyment. Take this aspect of the game serious and you will see improvement.