The Cleveland Launcher TL310 is intended to tip the scale in favor of the better player looking for lightness, weighing in at a mere 310 grams with power off the tee.  The TL310 is also engineered TOUR LITE. This means Cleveland is trying to find a sweet spot, catering to the average player rage to go light with the Tour player’s desire to mix lightness with stability.  It looks like Cleveland hit a home run on both counts.  It also features a playable 440cc club head, giving precision-players added workability. The shaft in the 310 is an authentic Miyazaki C. Kua 59 Series that was designed specifically with the better, stronger player in mind.

Key Technologies-

The 440cc club head combined with the 310 Miyazaki C. Kua 59 Series provides an explosive combination.

Right Weight Fitting System:

The 3 weights – 310g, 290g, and 270g – each model engineered for unique performance and feel.  The Right Weight fitting system finds the right driver for every player, maximizing distance gains and overall playability.

Launcher Ultralite Technology:

Weight has been removed from the club without sacrificing swingweight or flex profile.  Lighter and longer golf clubs produce faster head speed for more ball speed and greater distance.  Click image below to enlarge and learn more.

cleveland launcher tl 310 driver fitting system

Cleveland Launcher TL 310 Specs-

8.50° 440cc 45.25″ D4 310g
*9.50° 440cc 45.25″ D4 310g
*10.50° 440cc 45.25″ D4 310g

Cleveland Launcher TL310 Driver Video Reviews-

Actual Player Feedback-

“Great driver if you like low spin and like to control trajectory and direction. I am a 1 handicap and this club is perfect for me”

“I was sold, great feel, and awesome ball flight”

“( I can’t believe Miyazaki shafts come standard) Ordered the 8.5 degree and can’t wait to get my hands on it. My advice would be to give this line of Clevelands a whirl before going for the R11 or Titleist”

[review pros=”TL310 offers adequate length off the tee even on off center hits.  A very lightweight, high feel, driver that fulfills a need for this combination. ” cons=”Due to the extreme overall lightness, it may not be suited for the aggressive swinger.” score=99.6]

Overall Rating-

The Cleveland Launcher TL310 has gotten excellent to near rave reviews for the better player looking for a combination of lightness with good length. The gold shaft keeps the classic Cleveland look without going overly high-tech.  Overall, a great driver/shaft combination that made the 2011 Hot Golf Digest rating.