Adams has been hailed the next big name in golf, well, they’re already there for all practical purposes, releasing one great club after another.  But over the last few years, they have really started to gain momentum.  The new Adams Idea Tech V3 tops their latest of an already solid line up of hybrids.


The Idea Tech V3 is a high launching hybrid with a thin clubface and crown.  The 70 gram tungsten sole weight is what creates this ability to get the ball air borne easily for this utility club.  Additionally, there is a 4-way cambered sole which helps reduce turf interaction.  This reduction in turf grabbing allows the “sweepers” as well as golfers that take a divot with a hybrid.

Here’s a video on the Idea Tech V3 Hybrid-

Actual Player Feedback-

“The first thing I noticed was the easy set up the club produced. The line and lies were easy and comfortable to adjust to”

“Wow! The ball took off straight and long with ease”

“Everything is just excellent, from the shaft to the head. The shape of the head sits perfectly on the ground unlike other hybirds. The ball just jumps of the face while have a very good launch angle”

“This club is sweet.  The black is classy, and the single white alignment line on the bottom of the face really does the trick”

[review pros=”This is one solid addition to an already stellar line of hybrids by Adams.  They have actually succeeded in making a hybrid look cool!  The black with white trim makes this hybrid a looker!  The clubhead is small but launches the ball beautifully.” cons=”From a technical standpoint not much.  However the face appears to be set up for a fade which may be trouble for the mid to high handicappers that struggle with a slice.” score=99.7]


Another big-time winner for Adams.  The new Adams Idea Tech V3 hybrid appears to be another very popular pick among all levels of players.  Making the Golf Digest Gold Hot List for 2011′ Hybrids certainly doesn’t hurt the cause.  Check it out.