Both amateur and professional mini golfers alike would affirm that putting golf balls into holes spread in beautifully camouflaged obstacles and challenges would be an enjoyable game. Outings and mini golf games with friends will be more enjoyable when playing in stunningly landscaped mini golf courses like what Fairfield Fun Center offers. Family vacations will also be more fun and satisfying when visiting the following top mini golf courses found in the US.

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Who says miniature golf is just for kids?! Not us! Check out the top 8 mini golf courses in the U.S. the whole family will enjoy.

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Whether you’re an amateur or a pro mini golfer, you know the joy comes from shepherding the ball through unlikely — and often beautiful — obstacles and terrain into holes that are often cleverly camouflaged. It’s all about the 

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We know maybe not every member of the family wants to hit the Good, Bad, and Ugly courses at Hombre Golf Club. The solution to working on your short game while also having some Panama City Beach fun with the whole 

There are actually several other beautiful mini golf courses that can be found all over the US. Take time to bring the family for an outdoor mini golf activity at one of the finest courses near you. Get bonded with friends while getting stimulated in mind and body from a good round of golf game. Visit the top ranking mini golf courses in the US and build long lasting memories and relationships.