Miniature golf at Mountain Mini Golf Course is one of the activities families have loved over time. Families and friends put an effort in spending quality time in activities that build relationships and strengthen their bonds. Building your own mini golf course seems to be a guaranteed business for the next years to come. In any business, it is important to learn how to keep it rolling and developing. When it comes to mini golf courses, maintenance is the key to a profitable business. The following articles give insights on how mini golf courses may be maintained.

Madden’s Golf Course Maintenance Sustainability Program | The …

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Madden’s Golf Course Maintenance Sustainability Program. 24 Oct. Our program was started out of a desire to promote bent grass vs. annual bluegrass on our golf courses. Bentgrass is a grass that requries less inputs from fertilizer, water and 

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We are one of the best manufacturers of Artificial Turf for Sports Field. We also play an active role as an extraordinary designer that keeps promoting innovation and development of artificial turf system. Artificial turf have been 

10 of the Coolest Mini Golf Courses Ever Made – TheFW

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Best Mini Golf Courses kjarrett, Flickr/ Mini golf isn’t just golf on a miniature scale. Sure, the name implies that, but a few rounds at a mini golf course can be so much more than simply whacking golf 

Mini golf is one of the activities that allow families, both children and adults, to go together, talk, and have fun while having physical activities. Starting up a mini golf course business may be quite costly especially if you want a course in a nice location with detailed designs and decorations. However, all costs are guaranteed recoverable and once running, all you need to do is implement a good maintenance program which is not hard at all.