Have you experienced being at a lost in the middle of a conversation about golf because you do not fully understand the term a fellow golfer used? Do not let that thing happen again. Golf is one of the few sports which use many terms that are not easily understood and remembered by an ordinary person. Many terms are used here: from the rules of the game to the many different golf equipment and accessory types available in the market. The following references tell of the other golf terms which may be helpful to you in the near future.

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If you think any old golf clubs will do, you haven’t been on the course trying to compensate for a club that’s simply too long or two short. Besides making a shambles of your golf game, ill-fitting clubs can leave your body aching

A Walk on the Golf Course: Club Fitting Part 1: Shafts


So, lets have a look at some of the terms used when talking about shafts. Most golfers understand the rating of Ladies (L), Senior (S), Regular (R), Stiff (S) and, Extra Stiff (XS), but most golfers don’t know where they fit in.

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Your child needs to be fitted for a golf ball the same as your child needs to be fitted for their clubs. Let’s start with a few terms used when selecting a golf ball. Swing Speed: Swing speed is a measure of velocity, in miles per

Golf may sound mysterious to non-golfers because of the many terms it uses that are not easily understood or commonly heard. Fanatics of this sport are advised to read more and more resources on the internet that will help them familiarize with the terms and use them as they communicate with fellow golf fans. If there is one tool that carries many golf terms that needs to be given attention is the golf fitting chart. As a tool used in the club fitting process, it is important that golf enthusiasts also pay attention to the terms used in this chart. This will lead any avid golf fanatic closer to the heart of the sport.