If you watched last weekend’s Masters which Tiger played well especially early, you may have noticed something new.  Tiger switched from this beloved Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard to a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X shaft on a 9.5-degree Nike VR Tour driver.

Tiger’s stats were definitely impressive using the new shaft, averaging 287.75 yards the first 2 days.  But it wasn’t so much the distance that caught the attention, but the accuracy.  Tiger hit 20 out of 29 fairways the first two days for a 71.43 percentage; that in and itself was impressive since he is not known for accuracy with the big dog.

Anyway, watch out for the new Graphite Design Tour AD DI.  This seems to be a very popular shaft out of the gate and continues to gain momentum.  Watch for an exclusive shaft review coming soon from Golf Gear Select.

original source: http://blog.golfshaftsasia.com/