Miyazaki surfaced in November 2009′ with a debut seen like no other shaft manufacturer.  In as little as 10 months, Miyazaki has no less than fifteen PGA and European tour players plastered on their website as guys playing their shaft, with the subline, “Over 75 Tour Players are Putting Miyazaki in their Bags, Are You?”  The Miyazaki Kusala is their flagship and their most popular shaft to date.

Miyazaki has designed a proprietary International Design Flex Code fitting system, which they claim to replace the method of measuring Frequency, Kick Point and Torque.  They use the highest grade of carbon-fiber materials to manufacturer shafts with innovative bending and torsional profiles, geared for specific player and swing profiles.

The Kusala comes in three models, the Black, Blue and Silver.

Miyazaki Black – played by Vijah Singh, offers a low to mid trajectory and a softer of smoother feel, with an increasingly or “graduated” stiffness in the tip with the ultimate objective a controlling trajectory.

Miyazaki Blue – played by Jerry Kelly, is a mid trajectory with a constant flex, equating to a slightly “stiffer” feel than the Black.

Miyazaki Silver – played by Joe Durant, is a mid to higher trajectory that feels stiff but has a much softer profile in the lower section, providing a higher launch.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Hand down this shaft is the best I’ve ever played and i am amazed and the consistency and the feel!!!!”

“miyazaki line is amazing”

[review pros=”Hands down, one of the most exciting shafts for 2010′.  Because of the early fanfare coupled with some very well established players jumping on board to use the Miyazaki Kusala gives this shaft top honor for the most intriguing in the class of 2010′.  I like the deviation from the norm on using the  Flex Code fitting system, but it is still unproven.  I do like the idea of assigning a 4 digit code to each shaft for its bending properties and torsional stiffness.  But only time will tell how it will be received by the masses.” cons=”Still too early to tell how this shaft will fare over the long haul.” score=99.7]

Overall Rating-

Given the early excitement coupled with early indications that this shaft is for real, gives one optimism of another quality shaft to chose from year in, year out.  Personally, I think this shaft has a lot to offer – lower spin rates coupled with obvious quality that goes into their product.  The availability of this shaft is still in question but is catching on.  So I expect the Miyazaki Kusala to become more available through different distribution lines.

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