Matrix has introduced a bold new iron shaft, and they are taking dead aim to be a viable replacement of steel shafts for the better players. Yes, that’s right, and Matrix means business.  The new Matrix Program 130 graphite shaft for irons has launched, and it’s getting a second-takes from the tours.

Matrix Program 130Daniel You from Matrix has been quoted to say that the new Matrix Program 130 is the finest shaft to date. Now, that’s saying something since Matrix has been one of the most respected shaft manufacturer, laying claim to the beloved Matrix Ozik, the driver shaft used by avid and established golfers around the world.

The Matrix Program 130 is a tour designed shaft, meant for tour players and higher level players alike. The Program 130 is touted to posses more stability, more control and tighter dispersion than even steel shafts.

We are going to keep a close eye on this one for you.  Stay tuned for a full fledged review of the Matrix Program 130 coming soon!

In the meantime, here is more information on the Matrix Program 130 iron shaft.