Carter Penley’s new shaft, the Hybrid Heater, has gotten some attention recently and for good reason.  The new hybrid shaft is chock full of technology, what else would you expect from the Godfather of the golf shaft industry?

The new and improved Penley Hybrid Heater was introduced here on Golf Gear Select.  The Heater uses the TBAR (Tip to Bar Aspect Ratio) to stabilize, enhance the feel, and increase distance.

As with all Penley shafts, technology is at the forefront, and the Hybrid Heater is certainly no different.  The end result is an increase in weight over original 80 gram model, higher kick point to keep the ball from ballooning to accommodate USGA groove rules and incorporate the TBAR technology.

Penley Rearch & Development designed the Hybrid Heater2 specifically for Tour use, working with two major OEM Tour Vans in this design process.  Ball trajectory is vital, a high trajectory (ballooning) leaves the player short and a low (flat) trajectory gives the player too much roll, overshooting the green.  Penley shafts are inherently designed and developed for the better player in mind.

Visit Penley Sports for more information on the Hybrid Heater.

Watch soon for n exclusive review of the Penley Hybrid Heater from Golf Gear Select.