Listen, I’m a huge Tiger fan… at least his game.  I literally get awestruck when Frank Nobilo breaks his swing down for us mere mortals, I think to myself, did he really just do that? I see a genius at work.  He’s truly an enigma, one that comes around only a few times in a lifetime… if we are lucky.  Comparing him to Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali would not be out of line.  It may not be fair to compare sports in terms of pure athleticism, but Jordan, Ali, and Tiger are in my top 5 athletes of all-time nevertheless!

If he would have kept that squeaky clean “act” in check, there’s no doubt he would’ve blown by Jack.  He’ll still beat Jack, but it will take a lot longer.  When he self-imploded day-after Thanksgiving, 2009, his game was put on a respirator.  Now we have to wait until he can piece meal his game back together to find that magic again.  Which I think he will… eventually.

Even though I think 90% of his woes are psychological at this point, I still found this video on Tiger’s swing analysis by Somax Sports thought provoking!

They claim Tiger’s swing is “measurably worse than his old swing” and has developed a new problem in his putting… “Gripping and Yipping” are the result.  Tiger has always fought centrifugal force big time.  And why not, he’s Tiger!  But has he taken it too far?  Well, Bob Prichard thinks so.

Some of these points actually make sense to me, especially dropping his hands further at address may not be the best move for Tiger. After all, if you are fighting centrifugal force the way he does, why would you make it harder on yourself? Hell, I’d like to see Tiger use his 3-wood the rest of his career so we don’t have to watch him making saves 10 times a round. But on the other hand, that would take the fun out of it.

Take a look at this video and please give me your thoughts: