Despite the vast testimonies of how custom golf clubs make a difference in a golfer’s performance at the course, many still buy golf clubs at popular golf stores, choosing the one which appeals best in their eyes. Well, golf clubs picked from the racks can also be used in getting the golf ball in the hole. But, those that are custom fitted by professional custom fitters like TaylorMade are the best. Here are some reasons why your next golf set must be custom fitted by TaylorMade.

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TaylorMade Golf Company is not just another golf supply clearinghouse that carries products and accessories from every brand regardless of quality. Pros: The RocketBladez Irons Ladies is a superb golf club that is fit for the pros.

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by Adam Stanley, Flagstick Contributor. “If you were a dentist, it’s not like you’d bring heart-surgeon tools into your office with you.” Stewart Bannatyne, manager for the TaylorMade performance lab at the venerable Glen

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Darren Clarke TM2 TaylorMade Golf is proud to announce the opening of the TaylorMade Fitting Center at the Darren Clarke Golf School, Greenmount Campus, Antrim in Northern Ireland, following the official launch with

Playing golf with clubs that does not fit the golfer’s characteristics is like playing billiards with a deformed stick. You may at times still get the ball in the hole and feel great but you can do a lot better if you are using custom fitted. Consistency is something that can only be attained using custom golf clubs. Experienced golfers will surely advice you to get your golf equipment custom fitted for a much easier and fulfilling round of golf games.