(H/T The Sand Trap)

This past year, the golf world saw Callaway revive a couple of old favorites with the reintroduction of the Big Bertha woods and Apex irons, the latter of course being made famous under the Ben Hogan name. Earlier in the month the Big Bertha’s received their first update with the V series and now it’s time for a new set of Apex irons. It should be no surprise that Callaway takes feedback and suggestions from its tour players seriously, so when they asked for a new blade, the company got to work; the result is the new Apex Muscleback irons. In addition to the new blades, the company has new matching utility irons to go along with them.

Callaway describes the new clubs as having a classic muscleback design. To start, the clubs (like nearly every blade) are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel, giving the clubs a very soft feel through the ball. The new sticks also have the companies High Performance Grooves (the same ones found on the Apex Pro irons). These grooves are wide spaced and built to give gofers more control and consistent spin out of a variety of different lies. Also designed to increase playability from a multitude of lies is the sole camber, which has been designed to optimize turf interaction. According to Callaway, these clubs are going to give players everything they expect in a blade but with even more playability.


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