The maker of the “Hottest shafts in Golf” are at it again.  This time, the Aldila En Fuego gets the attention of club makers and golfers alike.

The Aldila En Fuego features 3 shafts in 1, each with a higher center of gravity aiding the bigger club head prevalent in today’s designs.  What’s with the 3 designs for the same shaft?  Well, Aldila certainly deviated from the norm on this one – each En Fuego model features a different balance, weight, torque and flex properties all designed to maximize the energy of your swing.  And each promotes a different ball flight as well, starting with the Serrano – a low to mid launch shaft, next, the Wasabi – a mid launch shaft and finally, the Habanero – a mid to high launch shaft.

The En Fuego features Aldila’s revolutionary and patented Micro Laminate Technology.  This technology was first introduced in the in the Aldila NV, and we know the how well that shaft did.  This technology provides players enhanced power, consistent flex, precise feel and a superb dampening effect.


Another high-end shaft delivered by Aldila.  Takes the positives from the NV and delivers a shaft sure to please the folks at Poway, California (Corp Headquarters).  The En Fuego offers 3 shafts in one, all with different ball flights.  In addition, the shaft, or shafts, are getting some attention from major golf club manufacturers including Adams and Ping, both offer the En Fuego as shaft stock options.


Will probably get overshadowed by the VooDoo and Rip models, at least from a marketing perspective. Nevertheless, the En Fuego is a nice fit for many golfers.

Overall Rating-

This is one shaft to keep an eye on.  We think the Aldila En Fuego may gain traction mainly because, well, it is an Aldila shaft and secondly, it is a stock option on some big-name drivers.  Aldila has become a marketing machine and it will be interesting to see how they mold the En Fuego.

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