The weight of the shaft is the number one most influential part of a golf club for determining the TOTAL WEIGHT of the golf club. While the clubhead and grip weight contribute to the total weight, the shaft is the number one component of a golf club that ordains how much the club will weigh in grams or ounces. This is because shafts are made in a far greater range of weight than any other component of a golf club.

Shafts today are made in a range from as light as 40grams all the way up to as heavy as 135grams. When you consider that the average total weight of a driver is 310-320grams, it is easy to see how much of an influence the weight of the shaft can be on the total weight of a club.

The total weight of the golf clubs should be matched to the golfer’s strength and to the golfer’s tempo and transition force used to start the downswing to help the golfer achieve more consistency in their overall swing timing, tempo and rhythm. If the total weight is too light, the golfer very definitely has a tendency to swing the club at a tempo that is too fast from which a lack of control and a higher percentage of off center hits will occur. If the total weight is too heavy, the golfer will tend to lose stability and balance in the swing as a result of moving the body too much to generate the effort to swing the club through impact.

Symptoms of the total weight being too light for the golfer are, 1) fighting the tempo, struggling to slow down to achieve proper timing and rhythm; 2) a higher percentage of heel hits on the club face; 3) more offline shots as a result of the light weight causing swing path changes and inconsistency in delivering the face square to impact; 4) an overall feeling that the club feels too light for the golfer’s comfort.

Symptoms of the total weight being too heavy for the golfer are, 1) an overall sense that the club is too heavy and takes much more effort to swing; 2) a tendency to push the ball from the golfer moving the body in front of the ball as a result of having to use more strength/effort to swing the club.