The winner of the recent Golf Gear Select shaft contest was kind enough to share his thoughts and perspective, on the new Matrix OZIK M3 after installing it in his TaylorMade R11.  He is scheduled to hit the TaylorMade Performance Lab to further test the shaft out and provide some key statistics. Looking forward to that.

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matrix ozik m3 shaft

Looks: the shaft looks absolutely mean with a non-glossy black color and textured feel. It’s not smooth like most graphite shafts and definitely adds to the uniqueness and “meanness”. If you look at the grip end of the shaft you can definitely see the hexadecimal structure and I was also very surprised to see how thick the shaft walls were at the tip end of the shaft.

Feel: before actually installing the club I tried to flex it with my hands and found the shaft very strong and flex very little. At this point I must admit I was worried it might be too much shaft for me.

Installation: I have the Ozik 6m3 installed in my R11, 10.5 degree in standard setting, 46″ length, with mid-size Winn AVS V17 midsize grip. Looks awesome.

I am extremely happy with what I have seen so far and hope to put more range time in and confirm my feelings. I cannot thank Golf Gear Select and Matrix enough for the wonderful contest and opportunity to own a truly amazing shaft. I think I am set with my driver for a long time.

Swing feel: contrary to my worries I can feel the shaft load. At impact, it feels extremely stable and it feels like the shaft fully supports the head through impact. Even if I miss the sweet spot towards the toe, it does not feel like the shaft twists very much and the results show it.  It may be due to the flex(regular) but the feel is not boardy at all. I would like to emphasize, it feels like the shaft is delivering an explosive, fully supported blow to the golf ball.

Performance: without a launch monitor I guess I cannot tell exactly how much rpms of spin is reduced, or how much my launch angle came down. However, I can definitely see a change in ball flight. It is a lower boring(I finally understand the meaning of this word) flight. The peak height of the flight is not much different from my previous shaft(slightly lower) it just reaches it’s apex via a different ball flight curve that is much flatter overall. I could not tell from the range, but I expect to see some roll out as well as increase in carry distance. An additional benefit is my drives have less side to side movement. Yes, a bad swing still produces a hook or slice but overall my drives were straighter with the Ozik 6m3 which I did not expect.

Thanks for that informative, thoughtful review of the Matrix OZIK M3, this looks to be another landmark shaft for Matrix. 

The winner of the shaft also mentioned that he will be going to a TaylorMade Performance lab next month, and will be sending me the launch monitor results.  I will be sure to post it as a follow up, so stay tuned for that!