You’ve probably seen it a million times before. You are out playing a round with a beginner or even an intermediate player on a Saturday afternoon. On the first tee they simply wale at the ball as if their intent is a 300+ yards down the center of the fairway, only to be bewildered as it goes 160 with a sharp slice. I’m about to share with you a golf swing tip the experienced players use every time they step on the tee box.

Now, most golfers with little experience want to hit the ball as far as humanly possible, this is only natural.
Many golfers never quite get out of this mindset and this is the primary reason they will never get close to the distance that they are capable of hitting the ball.

The wise or experienced golfer will practice for accuracy first and literally ignore the distance element, knowing full well they can easily make up the extra 20 or 30 yards in the fairway. The experienced player wants to play out of the short grass. And, once they have mastered the art of control, after a few holes, they begin to hone in on those extra yards. It’s much easier to hit the ball further than to hit 14 out of 18 fairways.

It’s not much point hitting the big yards off the tee if the ball is going to end up on another fairway or in the rough. All you will succeed in doing is make the following shots all the more difficult.

A drive down the center of the fairway, albeit a few meters shorter, will set you up for a better approach shot and a lower round score.

By playing with smaller, more controlled swings, you will gain control of your shots sooner and you will progress to the longer distances faster. You will be learning correct techniques that will hold you in good steed for the rest of your playing career.

By developing accuracy first, you will also be lengthening the distance of your drives and will in fact hit the ball further.

By starting with smaller swings it will be easier to train your body to develop the correct actions, and these actions will always be needed when you progress to the longer drives.

As you master your swing, you can progress to a full swing knowing that you will have the control to hit the ball in the right direction. This combination of correct action and a full swing will ensure you will hit the ball further than would be possible if you had only aimed for the big shots from the outset.

If you find that your drives are scattered or maybe even a little wayward, its best to focus on control first. The best golf swing tip you can give any golfer, especially a beginner is – give up those few yards in exchange for hitting out of the fairway. Once your game becomes more “natural,” and progresses, begin concentrating on those extra yards. Think accuracy first and distance will become your shadow.

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