Many people choose golf as a sport because it can be played relaxingly and does not require body contact during games. And, here’s good news for these people who have chosen this sport as their hobby. Golf enthusiasts can improve their performances in the golf course through custom fitting golf clubs. This applies to both the pros and the newbie. And, it can now be done online. Here are some tips where you can get your golf equipment custom fitted over the web.

Why Golf Club Fitting is Good for You

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How to get fitted? We show you how, both online and at your Pro Shop. Custom-fitting, as the name suggests, is the building of individual golf clubs that are designed specific to your size, shape and swing. You begin by finding a golf pro,

Basics of Golf Clubmaking Video Series Part 2 “Test Fitting Golf …

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Basics of Golf Clubmaking Video Series Part 2 “Test Fitting Golf Components” Now Online! The benefits of assembling your own golf clubs are many from the financial rewards to being able to match the components and their specifications specifically to your swing characteristics, naturally lowering your scores. In addition, assembling golf clubs from components in a great new hobby that not only you can enjoy and perfect throughout your lifetime, but can potentially

They Are Back! Free Interactive Clubfitting … – Hireko Golf Blog

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Take the guessing game out of creating the best golf clubs for your game. Looking for interactive online tools to help you choose the correct loft of your next driver? How about a calculator to help you choose the correct length for your golf clubs or proper grip size? Hireko has four interactive tools to help stop the clubfitting guessing game and put you in charge of creating the ultimate set of custom golf clubs.

Getting the golf equipment custom fitted means that the clubs are analyzed based on the golfer’s swing characteristics and physical anatomy. The analyses can be used to come out with custom fitted equipment that will help increase the player’s efficiency during a golf game. Thanks to Internet technology that this process can now be accessed by all interested golf enthusiasts. There are golf shops that offer tips online on how you can get your golf equipment customized prior to your actual shop visit for easier and faster customization.