For the 9th consecutive year, Fujikura has been named the #1 driver shaft on the PGA Tour by “the golf source”, Darrell Survey.

“We’re very proud to be #1 Shaft Brand Company for the 9th consecutive year, and we are truly grateful to have the top performing players in the world choose Fujikura,” says Dave Schnider, President/COO. “To be the #1 Driver Shaft Brand for 9 straight years is a true testament to our brand dominance and is something we strive for every day here at Fujikura.”

New on Fujikura’s already stellar shaft list this year is the Fujikura Motore Speeder, a shaft we recently did a review on. This shaft will significantly reduce deformation during the swing due to Fujikura’s proprietary patent – Triax Woven material along with Quadra Axis Composite creating a 7 Axis Technology.

It is no wonder Fujikura has an undeniable powerful presence in the shaft market with over 900 Charter Dealers!

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