Lob Wedge – Tidy Up Your Short Game

The Lob wedge is a very useful club and in the right hands can save valuable strokes. But the lob ledge can also be difficult to hit on a consistent basis, especially for the beginner. But if you follow some basic concepts, you will be able to execute these shots with ease and consistency.

Lob wedges come in a variety of lofts, as low as 58 and high as 65 degrees. Probably the the most common loft is 60 degrees. In fact, many people even refer to the lob wedge as the “60 degree” wedge. Although I personally feel a 58 degree is a good all around loft, you may want to experiment with different lofts to find what works for you.

The lob wedge is used primarily for executing a shot that requires high trajectory and a soft landing. If you fail to follow some basic steps or, don’t execute these steps properly, it will cost you. These failed shots will most likely result in a huge divot or even a skull — either way you will feel frustrated and probably loose confidence the next time you are faced with the same shot.

So let’s see if we can avert failed lob wedge shots. The next time you are faced with a shot that requires a carry and soft landing, follow these key golden rules:

* Play the ball in the middle of your stance. I even like to play the ball slightly back of middle to
favor a downward blow but realize this is more of a personal preference.
* Keep your weight evenly distributed. The most common mistake golfers do when executing this
shot is favor one side or the other. With a lob wedge, you want your weight evenly distributed
on both feet.
* Use a shortened swing version, no more than 3/4 and certainly nowhere near parallel.
* Feel your hands “going through” the shot — don’t try and scoop the ball.
* Accelerate through the ball — worst mistake and #1 enemy to executing a wedge shot is

There you have it, five simple but important concepts to executing the lob wedge shot. Remember, it will take practice to hit these shots effectively on a consistent basis.

Keep in mind, there is a time and place for using lob wedge. Just because you are near the green, does not mean you should automatically pull the lob wedge out of your bag. You will be better served to think about what kind of shot will increase percentages of execution.

Learning to hit a lob wedge is on every golfer’s “wish list.” It not only is a valuable shot for your arsenal to save strokes, it feels good when you pull one off!

Written by Dan DeRoeck

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