Improve Your Short Game – Carry 4 Wedges

If you review the score card from your last round of golf, chances are very good the majority of your shots came from inside 100 yards of the pin. Even though its common knowledge having a good short game equates to low scores, many golfers carry only 1 or 2 wedges in their bag – this includes a pitching wedge which comes standard in most golf sets. Unless you are adept at controlling distances by varying your swing, limiting your wedge selection is significantly reducing your ability to score well. The margin of error increases as you get closer to the pin. In most cases, being able to take a full swing is more desirable for distance control. Do you have the necessary wedge selection in your bag?

How many times have you hit a nice drive to set yourself up for a chance at par or even birdie only to end up scrambling to make bogey or worse after hitting an awkward distance 3/4 shot with a pitching wedge? Unfortunately, this is very common. You can significantly improve your chances of pulling off these shots by filling those yardage gaps with numerous wedges. In order to have a club for most distances inside 100 yards for example, you should be carrying a pitching wedge, gap or approach wedge, sand wedge and even a lob wedge in your bag. Having a full arsenal of wedges to choose from will allow you to take that full swing and improve your chances for better scoring.

So what type of wedges should you carry? A very common method of determining loft is to simply add 4 or 5 degrees starting with your pitching wedge and ending with a sand or lob wedge. For example, a good range of wedge lofts may be 46, 50, 54 and 58 degrees. Therefore if your pitching wedge has 46 degrees of loft, you would have 50 degree gap wedge, a 54 degree sand wedge and a 58 degree lob wedge.

There are many great wedges to choose from – Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway Taylor Made and Ping, are some of the more popular wedge manufacturers. Other very popular wedges come from Adams, Ben Hogan, Cobra, MacGregor, Mizuno, Nike, Olimar, Pure Spin, Solus and Wilson.

Your wedge selection may vary from this example and will ultimately come down to personal preference, the yardage you hit for each wedge, the ability to control your shots, and the type of courses you most frequently play. However this guide will provide a good opportunity to shore up your wedge selection and shave strokes inside the scoring zone.

Written by Dan DeRoeck

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Written by Dan DeRoeck

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