Nike recently introduced that Aerotech, a leader in composite golf shaft technology, is a custom option in Nike irons.

Aerotech SteelFiber shafts, a high tech shaft is the welcome newcomer in the line of high quality shafts Nike will now boast on their irons.  Aerotech SteelFiber are high-modulus core shafts with over 59 miles of steel fiber covering the surface of each shaft!

“Nike is one of the most dynamic golf equipment brands in golf today, and we’re very excited that SteelFiber shafts are now part of the custom options,” says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. “Nike is well-known for its passion for providing players with innovative and high-performance equipment, so bringing together Nike golf products with our SteelFiber shafts is a great custom option.”

Aerotech Golf specializes in high tech and highly unique, performance driven golf shafts that have been option shafts to such golf club manufactures as Adams, Cleveland, Miura, and Srixon, among many others.  Overall this is a great move by Nike, a win-win for everyone involved.  Look for an exclusive review on Aerotech SteelFiber shafts coming soon!

original source: Golf Club Business