Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter review: One of the best putter’s for beginners you can buy for yourself!

So what’s Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter all about? To put it briefly, it’s certainly one of the best putter’s for beginners currently on the market.

Firstly, not every golf shot requires maximum speed. Golfers that put well often have a deft touch. Golf is all about playing the right shot at the right stage of the hole. You play a number of shots hit with maximum power but when it comes to the last shot/s (the green), you need maximum accuracy since the speed is usually much slower and your target is ideally very near.

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You simply don’t want to miss shots on the green if you are going to improve your game. Having said that, what is the most important club in golf? What makes the last shot of each hole of golf the most critical? People might claim that the most important club in golf can be the one driver because it helps you get great distance.

However, to improve your game in leaps and bounds, for most people at least, the putter is the key club – not your driver. So when first starting out in golf, your choice of putter is critical. So, this leads us to the real question – is the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft the best putter for beginners?

best putter for beginnerCan you use any putter that is available on the market to improve your fledgling game and enjoy the perfect golfing experience? The answer is, NO, YOU CANNOT. Why? Because there are different types of putters in the market with different features to suit different games and styles so not all of them are good for you. A Putter is a highly specialized tool for a specific job. When you don’t get the right putter, you will struggle to be able to make the right shot at the right time, even when you are extremely close to the hole. A good putter for beginners such as the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is all that you possibly need, since it is such a reliable feature rich putter for beginners. Read on to find why it is such a great option for beginners.

Make a pure stroke!

The first thing you notice about the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is the jumbo grip. This jumbo grip is great for most beginners and results in a minimal wrist discomfort. With proper stance, direction and grip along with good control from your wrist, you will definitely feel a nice even pure stroke. The jumbo grip also reduces grip pressure and helps to reduce club head rotation to help you find the hole more often. Just like other beginning golfers before you, you will find the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter as a great option.



Enhanced Contrast

The color scheme and contrast of clubs are not critical to your golf game but feeling and looking good can enhance your ability on the course so they do matter. When you are playing in bright sunlight where daylight is at its most extreme and intense a white head finish is appealing as is the case of the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter. The white putter head finish of this club helps you in an enhanced visual contrast in the bright light and minimizes glare which results in more accurate alignment of your shots.

Have it aligned!

Alignment matters a lot when you are playing golf. Be it the first shot or the last one, alignment matters a lot. The Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is great for beginners when it comes to alignment and direction since it comes with an easy-to-use alignment aid. Like many other putters, It features a centered straight line which enhances your accuracy. Other than that, a TPE insert is present for responsiveness and a better touch as well. This club offers a lot for such a low price and this is the reason why we have it on our list and in contention to be the best putter for beginners.

Multiple Size Availability

A one size fits all approach to golf clubs is impractical and will never work which is why better gold manufacturers offer multiple sizes for the products that they sell. This putter is available in three different sizes which are 33-inch, 34-inch, and 35-inch all of which cost the same and don’t alter the price. You can select the size which suits you best. One note of caution, one main restriction when it comes to this putter is the fact that it only has a right-hand orientation and users with left hand orientations should not make a mistake in buying the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter, as no option is available for you.

Resist the twist!

One of the biggest traps beginning golfers can fall into is twisting during the stroke. Twisting occurs when you twist your body (even in a small way) during the shot and this always results in a poor shot. You must have a putter which does not encourage this twist or at least has the ability to help minimize any twist to make the shots much easier and more accurate. The Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter can assist here, it as a high moment of inertia.  The heel and toe weighted design keeps the putter square throughout the stroke. This results in more putts finding the hole. You can find these deep center gravity putters across many putter styles from traditional to high-end and cutting edge Moment of inertia style models as well.

Warranty is a charm!

We all love to have a good warranty period for our products. A warranty feels like an insurance for products and we feel that in the case of any problems, we all want to have the product replaced or repaired easily. The best thing about the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty which means you can have a peaceful purchase and purchase with confidence. Other than that, 30-day play guarantee is also provided by the company which means that if you aren’t satisfied with the playing, you can return it at any time you want within 30 days. Isn’t that the best thing that you could receive for a putter? We believe this is a great feature and a real plus for beginners.

The Top 100

Not all clubs make it to the top charts, but this putter definitely has. The Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is ranked on the top 100 list of putters on What makes it great is the fact that it is fine quality and full of amazing at an affordable price. Other than that, it is light when it comes to weight as well. The shipping weight is only 3 pounds as stated on


Specs and Features

  • Size: Available in 3 different sizes of – 33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches.
  • Amazon Rank: 91 in Putters
  • Orientation: Right-hand Orientation
  • Color: White finish
  • Warranty Policy: Lifetime warranty – 30-day play guarantee
  • Shipment weight: 3 pounds
  • Alignment aid present: Size same as width of a golf ball
  • Average Rank: 4.8 out of 5 stars on

Check price on Amazon Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus Putter No.7 (Right Handed, 33-Inch) 



  • Minimum wrist breakdown due to the jumbo grip
  • White finish provides a better contrast
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain a control
  • High moment of inertia gives putter throughout the stroke
  • New alignment aid keeps the stroke accurate and aligned
  • Maximum warranty policy gives you a peace of mind while purchasing
  • Ability to resist twisting
  • Great responsiveness with TPE Insert
  • One of the best putter for beginners
  • Perfect balance, feel, and weight
  • Price, Price, Price



  • Does not come with a left-hand orientation variant


The Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter is a great putter which comes with so many wonderful features in hand. 90% of the buyers on Amazon rated it 5 out of 5 stars on whereas the rest rated it as 4 out of 5 stars on There is definitely no drawback for this one but a few users highlighted the complaint that the company should also offer this putter in a left-hand orientation. Being available in only right-hand orientation, it does suit the majority but the rest of the users are unable to have the pleasure of enjoying this putter. In case you face any problems, you always have the amazing customer support to help you out. Never should you have another wrist twist with this putter since a great amount of effort has been put to craft it. Have the best of things in your golfing kit and enjoy the most. We give it a positive verdict and recommend it to all the different types of users. It surely is one of the best putter’s for beginners. If you think that the Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT Plus Putter can be a great one for you or someone you know, order it from now. What are you waiting for to enjoy an enhanced golfing experience.