Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter – Our choice as one of the best putters for beginners

All golf lovers recognize that the putter is perhaps the most important club in their golf bag. It has the potential to finish a great round or oversee a nightmare a hole. For beginners choosing a great putter is a critical decision that can ensure rapid improvement. And this putter is certainly one of the best putters for beginners we can recommend.

There are many different kinds of putters which are available in the market with different features and different designs developed by different brands.

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Ray Cook is one of those brands which offer some of the best putters on the market. While deciding on the best putter for your needs, you must consider a number of options available in the market, some of which promise to be the best putter for beginners. After getting information on different brands and comparing the features of the putter with your needs you will realize you need look no further than the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter.

Ray Cook designed putters are made in such a way that it advantages the player. The main aim of Ray Cook is to design quality putters. The silver ray series by Ray Cook includes models from SR200 to SR800. There are two putters in this series which are specifically designed for ladies. While creating putters, Ray Cook keeps the needs of all types of golfers in mind – including beginners. This article will discuss some of the significant features of the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter. To see why this putter made our list as a serious contender for the best putter for beginners, read on………


Unique Design

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is a putter which is perfect for beginners. The color of this putter is white and black which gives it a sophisticated look. The design of the putter is unique and beautiful so that you can look great while playing with your friends. Another plus is that the SR800 is made with a steel shaft. Steel putters are one of the best putters for beginners as steel putters are generally lightweight and you can balance them easily. As well as being lightweight this steel putter is robust and can handle the treatment some beginners may want to throw at it. The white paint over the shaft keeps it safe from rust. Even after using it for years, you will not experience discoloration of the shaft, making it a great club to hand down to other beginners.


All good at the Business End

While looking at the technology used in this putter there are some noticeable features. Perhaps the most noticeable feature is that the head of this putter weighs only 360 g which makes it easy for you to hold. There is a cover for the head which keeps the head safe (the business end of any putter) while you are not using it.

Perfect Choice for Beginners

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is the perfect choice for beginners as all instructions regarding using it are clearly mentioned on it. The SR800 provides you with optimum performance during putting. The grip is mid-sized making it handle the putter whether you are male, female or child.


Right Handed People

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is perfect for right handed people as it is designed with the needs of right handed people in mind. The lie of this putter is 70 degrees while its loft is 3 degrees. The length of this putter is 34 inches. While you can adjust its height according to your need. This longer shaft length makes this putter perfect for everyone. Kids, ladies, and men of any height can use it easily. There are 2-3 joints in this putter which makes it easy for you to bend as well as twist the putter during putting.

There are six degrees of freedom in this putter which includes elbows, wrists, hands, waist, knee, and shoulders. The degree of freedom is kept limited while designing this putter as more freedom can result in inconsistent putts. You can easily anchor this putter from the chin along with reducing the effect of hands, elbows, wrist, and shoulders. The SR800 is perfect for beginners as well as for the much more serious tournaments. As the design of this putter fulfills the needs of players at many different levels.

best putter for beginnersAlignment Aid

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is one of the best putters for beginners as it contains an alignment aid. This alignment aid assists the beginners and makes their putting better. It teaches you all kind of putts especially short putts. It is perfect for faster greens. You can learn a number of putting techniques by using and practicing with this putter. By containing only the required set of features, a beginner can easily use it. As an amateur, you will have less need to get the help of professionals, at least initially.


While reading about the features of this putter, you must be thinking that such a club which is offering so many features to its users must be expensive. The reality is different. Even after loading the putter with a wide range of features, Ray Cook has kept the price low. This is another incentive for the beginners, perhaps the best, who are about to start using a putter. You can enjoy golf without paying too much initially, it is a good way to keep prices down while you work out how passionate you are about this great game. Even though the price tag is low, when it comes to quality and appearance of the putter, Ray Cook does not compromise on these factors.


Thick and Balanced Grip

Most golf players look for a putter with a fatter grip that still has great balance. This putter is designed with a good grip and great club balance in mind. The grip of this putter is thick enough that you will not hurt your hand. It is comfortable for long usage and practice sessions on the golf green. The thick grip will allow you to control the direction of the putter better so you can have more control over your shots. It will be a winning club for you.



  • Brand: Ray Cook
  • Model: Silver Ray SR 800
  • Style: Modified mallet containing alignment wings
  • Offset: Plumbers neck full shaft offset
  • Head Color: Black/White
  • Shaft: Steel
  • Head Weight: 360 grams
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Lie: 70 degrees
  • Is the Head cover Included: Yes
  • Length: 34 inches
  • Dexterity: Right Handed



  • Unique design
  • Designed for right handed people
  • Easily available
  • Equipped with an alignment aid which is perfect for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Long shaft putter along with alignment wings
  • Head cover comes with this too



  • During off-set shots, you will hear a ‘ping’ sound



The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is a simple yet innovative club, and that is a big part of its charm. The SR800 is equipped with all the possible features that you could want in a club perfect for beginners. The long shaft of this amazing club is a great feature which includes a length of 34 inches making it perfect for men, women, and kids. You can adjust the height of the putter according to your needs. A true right-handed club it is designed to suit most beginners needs. The usage of steel in its construction increases its lifespan and usability.

Such an incredible putter is a treat for beginners. As it is affordable that makes it easy for everyone to own one. All the instructions are given on the head of the putter so that beginners will not have to get help from anyone. The thick grip of SR800 is designed for reducing fatigue but enhancing balance at the same time. The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is a must-buy putter for beginners. Try one today – check out its great price on Amazon. And if you are looking for one of the best putters for beginners, this is certainly one you should try.

Check price on Amazon Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter, 34″