The Ping Rapture is similar in shape to the G10, but incorporates a crescent shape with tungsten weights in the heel and toe that allow an optimal launch combined with a manageable spin rate. Actually, the Rapture comes in with a mid launch and low spin rate, making it a very desirable driver for the recreational player looking for a straight driver.

The dense tungsten weight pads in the back of the lightweight titanium head on the Rapture, expand the perimeter weighting and position the center-of-gravity low and away from the face.

The Rapture touts a variable thickness titanium face that actually helps to promote or increase ball speed, something again, the recreational player needs to gain distance.

Ping Rapture Specs-

9.0° 45.75″ No 58.00° 200g D3
10.5° 45.75″ No 58.00° 200g D3
12.0° 45.75″ No 58.00° 200g D3
13.5° 45.75″ No 58.00° 200g D3

Actual Player Feedback-

“The club looks great, sets up nicely and has good balance”

“This round I blew by him by 10-30yds, with a 20-yard tee differential and I am still abuzz a day late”

“I am having so much more fun now,especially on the longer courses.The Rapture gives me a chance to hang with the longer hitters. This club has a square face which allows you to work shots”


The Ping Rapture provides the recreational player the necessary technology to gain distance and accuracy. This is done through the weight pads in the back expanding the perimeter and positioning the center-of-gravity low and away from the face.


This driver is considered a Game Improvement driver. Therefore, the better golfer may want to look at other models.

Overall Rating-

The Ping Rapture is an excellent driver for a player looking for distance and control built in. The technology allows the recreational player to unleash with an element of control not found in other drivers. A driver definitely worth looking at during demo days!