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Nippon shafts for irons have been around a long time. With that length of time comes accumulated knowledge of how a shaft should perform. They know shafts, because they’ve been in the trenches coming up with new technology and offering to the golfing public.

I was browsing their website recently and came across this on their home page which I whole heartedly agree:

“The shaft is one of the most important yet most overlooked elements of golf equipment. The fact is,the proper shaft can make a major difference in club performance and in your enjoyment of the game of golf.”

That said, Nippon is without a doubt a leader in the golf shaft market, especially the iron shafts. Nippon shafts come standard in many of the top golf club manufacturers including Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, and Srixon. That says a lot for the trust factor of Nippon.

Nippon offers many models and we will delve deeper into each of their models individually in later reviews.

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The Nippon Models-

Nippon 750GH- The Lightest of the Nippon steel shafts, designed for a stable, fluid swing.

Nippon 850GH- Rapidly growing in popularity, pegged as “attacking” shaft. Still an ultra-lightweight model that features an easy contact thanks to their light weight and consistent directionality.

Nippon 950GH- Nippon’s top-selling model and probably the favorite among golfers of most all levels looking to take their game to the next level.

Nippon 1050GH- A heavier model made for golfers that like to hit hard.

Nippon 1150GH Tour- Another shaft made for golfers that hit hard. The 1150GH TOUR Steel shaft for irons (Semi-lightweight type) the semi-lightweight steel shaft.

Nippon 950 GH WF- The long irons combine easy-swinging light weight with easy contact — plus the kind of distance you have to experience to believe. Short irons provide a slightly heavier feel for stability.

Nippon V90- Inherits likened performance of the 950GH but while further reducing weight to 90 grams and using a lower center of gravity.

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Actual Feedback-

“Nippon 990 Uniflex in my irons and they are the best steel shafts I’ve used”


Nippon is certainly one of the top steel shaft makers around and it shows. They have a loyal following that swear this is the best steel shaft available.


Probably not as well known as Rifle and True Temper due to it’s basically an Asian shaft, but nevertheless retain a large market.

Overall Rating-

I would confirm Nippon are among the best, if not the best iron shafts available today. They provide a wide variety of options/models and have a strong following. I recently did a Poll on the favorite steel shaft and Nippon came in a close second to Rifle ahead of True Temper!