Golfing for a beginner is an often written about topic, yet an area which is grossly overlooked is what kind of equipment should beginners start out with? Choosing your first set of clubs requires a degree of knowledge if you are to make the right choice.

There are of course those lengthy books on how to swing, practicing tips, and how to train to be a good golfer, and you will find some of the best known sports stars endorsing some great products, making them even more desirable.

All of the big, brand name sports equipment manufacturers spend so much money advertising and hoping that customers will realize who has the best golf gear but as a new golfer how much do you need to spend?

However, not every golfer is Tiger Woods, so not everyone will need the same equipment that he uses, especially if the golfer is just beginning to learn about golf.

If you are new to golfing, using a Tiger Woods golf club will only make it harder on you because it was made for a professional, not someone who is just learning and only needs basic golf equipment or golf balls for example.

The first thing on your shopping list will of course be a good set of golf clubs and a bag. The trick here is to understand that professionally endorsed products are not all the same and you need to find a set of clubs that feels good for you. It will probably take at least 6 months for you to find your style any way so save yourself some money here.

You will find that steel shafted clubs are far more robust than their exotic counterparts so they are an ideal style for the beginner. Sure they weigh a little more but on the plus side they do tend to be more accurate and forgiving than the graphite variety.

They produce far less twist, but don’t have the effective range that graphite shafted clubs do. You will have to use more power and a quicker swing to make the golf ball go the distance you need it to.

Graphite shafted clubs are far more expensive and they are not as durable or robust as steel shafted golf clubs. They also generate large power levels, and are therefore effective as driver clubs.

Choosing a correct shaft flex or level of stiffness for the club is important too. Golfing pros use a high level of stiffness for they can generate high swing speeds at the club head, and are therefore able to generate more power from a stiff flex.

Now that you are able to see beyond the advertising and endorsements and understand that it is about personal styles, you are in a far better position to make a sensible purchasing decision when you buy your next set of golf clubs or any other golf equipment for that matter.