Technology Overview-

Well look out! The Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS is peeking it’s large, thin face around the corner staring you right in the face!

This is Cleveland’s biggest and baddest (make that broadest) hitting area to date, covering 16 percent larger than it’s predecessor, the HiBore XLS! That’s a big increase. The intent of Cleveland? To provide an ultra-stable and ultra-forgiving driver. By all indications, it looks like they’ve succeeded.

The HiBore Monster is by all means a high launch, low spin driver. The clubface was raised relative to where the sole touches the ground to reduce the mass by 7 grams to achieve the high launch/low spin combination.


  • Fujikura Flightspeed Fit-On Red/Gold Shaft Fitting System
  • “Sweet Spot = Hot Spot”
  • Crown Plaque Alignment Aid
  • Unique grip tread design for maximum control
  • Patented EZ-Grab head cover which is standard with all HiBore drivers.
  • Comes in Draw XLS with a 3 degree closed face, offset design and draw biased weighting.
  • Tour XLS as well with a 2 degree open face and fade biased weighting.
  • Selection of up to 2 standard shafts which includes Fujikura Flightspeed Fit-on Golf and Fit-on Red. And if you decide to go custom, Cleveland offers up to 15 other including the Mitsubishi Diamana, Grafalloy and Aldila custom shafts!

HiBore Monster Specs-

Standard XLS Model-

8.5° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
*9.5° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
*10.5° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
11.5° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6

*= available in left hand

HiBore Monster Draw model-

9.0° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
10.5° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
12.0° 460cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6

HiBore Monster Tour model-

8.5° 440cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
9.5° 440cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6
10.5° 440cc 45.50″ Gold-D4, Red-D6

Actual Player Feedback-

With maxing out the MOI, it is super forgiving”

So get used to the sound and people staring at you at the range and get a great easy to hit driver”

“I got to try this today and I must say, it is exactly like the reviewer says. Now I am going to buy on”


This is a super-forgiving driver, extremely high MOI and great selection of stock shafts is sure to be able to fit any type of swing. Cleveland also offers the Draw and Tour version for golfers on the opposite side of the spectrum.


Loudness is the common theme. Once you get past the sound of the driver, you have yourself a potential winner.

Overall Rating-

Again, the Cleveland HiBore Monster driver is geared for the beginner/intermediate player unless you go with the Tour. The driver is listed for $299 retail which is the “accessible” price so it should be a hot seller for Cleveland this year.