That’s the question Jaacob Bowden essentially asks with confidence in the promotion of his swingman golf program. Sounds interesting right? Jaacob’s program is built on the very real premise that improved clubhead swing speed and swing technique can help you achieve great distance off and on the course. Is there substance to this program? Could it help everyone from every day hackers to club champions? Click Here to check out the Swingman offer for yourself!
We believe the swingman program is for everyone. Whether you are just learning the game as a 12 year old or still playing in your senior years, this program can help you. The beauty of this program is that it’s success is not based on wholesale changes to your swing technique, instead it is swing speed improvements that will help you drive the ball longer more regularly. So what are the fundamentals of this program:
– Training techniques that will help improve your timing and control swing errors like slice and hooks
– Help to master swing speed with incredible results
– Improvement with limited time investment
– An Ironclad money back guarantee’s that ooze’s confidence
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We rate the Swingman golf program (and all their associated products) very highly because we know it really helps improve the average golfers game. While this website is generally about golf clubs and golf club shafts, we strongly support and recommend the swingman program because it delivers on improved golf swing performance. This program really is a clear system of instructions that leads to results. So if you want improved distance off the tee this system can help you to find out how.  CLICK HERE NOW learn how you can give your game it’s best chance of success.