Callaway keeps coming with new big dogs, this one is the Callaway FT-9 and it probably is gaining the most praise amongst the ardent golfers.

Nobody does it better then Callaway using multiple materials and this one is no exception. The carbon fiber composite frame is a full 7% longer than its predecessor, FT-5 and uses 6 materials to literally push the CG low and deep. The cupface is titanium with an internal X pattern design to drastically improve off center hits… otherwise known as misses (your buddies of course:).

The big push by Callaway for the FT-9 is the ability to shape your shots, “the shot makers return” is the blurb in the commercial, fade, draw or anything in between. Of course it’s nice to have Phil Mickelson be your spokesman when promoting creativity. What’s behind it? The Hyperbolic Face Technology where ball speeds are purported to dramatically increase across the entire face generated more distance. Coupled with the Fusion Technology that creates maximum perimeter weighting and you have a very high tech driver waiting for action.

Callaway FT-9 Spec Sheet-


58.0º RH Only
10º 58.0º RH / LH
11º 58.0º RH / LH
13 HTº 58.0º RH Only

FT-9 Tour

8.5º 58.0º RH Only
9.5º 58.0º RH / LH
10.5º 58.0º RH Only

Actual Player Feedback-

“it comes off the face very hot and the trajectory was excellent”

“The FT-9 definitely gives a more boring ball flight”

“Great feel. Not too busy”


Like I mentioned, nobody combines materials better than Callaway. Their R&D is second to none and they prove it year after year. I really like the fact they are using the Fujikura ZCom Six as their stock shaft. This is an unbelievable shaft, very smooth, lightweight and a higher torque reading makes this a long but controllable shaft. BTW, unlike the Diablo, this driver is part of the OptiFit system, a nice perk.


Not many being it’s so new. The only thing I could uncover is the 13 loft has weight configurations that may cause for the golfer opting for such a high lofted driver.


The Callaway FT-9 looks like another clear-cut winner for Callaway. It’s still very early in the game, but early indications are it will fare well. Phil Mickelson had high praise for the driver even after shooting high numbers at a recent tournament. It’s definitely worth checking out this year at the Demo days…