The Bobby Jones Pelz Wedge has a face insert made from Carpenter 440XH steel, a very wear resistant alloy that is typically found in industrial bearings and valve assemblies. The end result? Grooves that last for years as opposed to months or even less! Some might ask isn’t that hard on the ball? Is it is but Jessee Ortiz, the designer of the wedge has got you covered. To counter the hardness innate in the materials used to make the surface inordinately hard, they added a 3M structural bonding membrane that is slightly spongy, giving it a shock absorbing effect. “These enduring wedges will help golfers hit better scoring game shots, control their wedge distances to tighter tolerances, and consistently shoot lower scores,” said Pelz.

Loft/Bounce Specs- 52/4, 56/10, 56/14, 60/4, 60/8, 64/4

Actual Player Feedback-

“Rounded tow and leading edge set up well for all types of shots”

“From the sand this is outstanding”

“and it has great turf interaction”


Very dynamic and resilient wedge, if the grooves last as long as the claim, you will probably never need to replace a wedge due to worn grooves!


There loft/bounce options could be better. The better player may shy away from this wedge because a lack loft/bounce selection.

Overall Rating-

The Bobby Jones Pelz wedge is definitely a sleeper The recreational player should look very closely at this wedge. The combination of rounded toe and leading edge makes this a wedge with a wide variety of shots. Combine it with a great team of Bobby Jones and Dave Pelz and you have yourself a winner.