Royal Precision Shaft Technology

Royal Precision shafts is now owned and operated by True Temper. But prior to True Temper, Royal Precision developed the what is now a very popular Project X shaft. Some of this impressive technology includes Frequency Matching, Microtaper Step Geometry and Flighted Technology. These technologies collectively play a huge role in the success and popularity Rifle shafts enjoy today.

Royal Precision introduced Frequency Matching, a measurement and definition of a shaft’s flex through electronic calibration. It was discovered, through research, that the shaft flex was inconsistent within a specific flex designation. This caused the player to alter his swing to accommodate fluctuations in the flex. With Frequency Matching, the shaft now flexes and feels the same with every swing, thus ensuring a perfectly matched set of clubs. Suffice to say, this was an important discovery as players can now count on having a consistent flex for every club in their bag.

Rifle shafts was the first to introduce Microtaper Step in the line of light weight steel shafts, specifically the Precision Lite and Precision Micro Lite steel shafts. This technology was important because it allows the lighter shaft to create a “step” that is more durable and efficient at transferring energy. This advancement was a great improvement because it allows for a tighter shot dispersion resulting in better control and greater distance.

Flighted technology is a concept that changes the kick point for any club, to achieve a more controlled ball flight. Long irons will have a lower kick point to achieve a higher ball flight and shorter irons will have a higher pick point for a lower trajectory to achieve more accuracy and control. Yet another monumental contribution from Rifle in the long list of golf shaft technology improvements.

Rifle iron shaft selection include the Project X, probably the most popular Rifle shaft, Flighted, Hybrid, AirLite, Spinner, Precision Lite, and Precision Micro Lite. We will delve more into each of of these shafts in upcoming articles.

The Rifle shaft is one of low profile – not necessarily considered a mainstream shaft, but they are huge in a smaller market. It just so happens the small market is comprised mostly of accomplished and avid golfers that expect more from a shaft – and Rifle delivers in a big way.

Written by Dan DeRoeck

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