Golf GPS Rangefinder – Lower Scores with a GPS Rangefinder

Golf GPS Rangefinders have been around a while, but have more recently grown in popularity.  Once golfers began to realize their value and effectiveness for their overall game, the device has become a staple for most serious golfers.  There are many reasons to carry a golf GPS rangefinder.  Let’s take a look at three obvious reasons.

First, we’re all for speeding up play and that’s exactly what golf rangefinders do.  One of the most frustrating and agonizing things on earth is to get behind a slow foursome on a Saturday afternoon.  Instead of a 4 hour round, it turns into 5 or even 6 hours!  Golf GPS Rangefinders speed up play simply by default.  With a rangefinder, golfers no longer need to analyze the things they once did.

Let me explain.  One of the first things golfers do when they drive or walk down the fairway after a beautifully hit drive is begin looking for yardage markers to prepare for the next shot.  A golf GPS rangefinder would eliminate the guess work needed to determine yardages.  You would simply drive or walk to your shot, take a mark on the target to get the exact yardage and hit the shot with confidence.  No more searching for yardage markers!  This in itself is worth the price of a golf rangefinder.  Saving a bit of frustration from slow play is probably worth at least a few strokes a round.

The next one is my personal favorite.  Finding out the exact yardage to my target is just plain cool.  Think about it.  If you knew the exact yardage to your target for every shot you hit on a golf course, imagine the improvement you would see.  Think of how many shots you would save every round by knowing the exact iron to hit for every approach shot, instead of guessing within 10, 15, or 20 yards!

Lastly, identifying hazards between you and your target provides a huge advantage.  How many times have you played a new course and come across hazards that you well… didn’t realize existed?  Probably more than you want to admit.  Well, with a golf GPS rangefinder in hand, the hazards are clearly identified for you to avoid.  So instead of hitting your 7 iron played with a bit of roll, you would use your 6 iron to carry that creek not visible on the card.  Bam!  You just saved yourself 2 or 3 strokes right there!

Golf GPS Rangefinders may not be in every golfers bag yet.  But, my bet is that you will eventually see most every golfer begin using them.  After all, we all want to speed play, hit the right club and avoid those hazards right?

Written by Dan DeRoeck

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