Fresh out of Kingston, Ontario, the home of Accra, is the introduction of the new Accra AC shaft.

AC by ACCRA is a new line of shafts engineered to provide golfers of all levels, the advanced technology we all yearn for. Accra prides themselves in offering shafts that “conform” if you will to each and every golfer, regardless if they are just beginning, all the way up to the tour player.

“This shaft may be the most technologically advanced shaft ever offered at this price point” stated Dave Makarucha (PGMC) “ACCRA only manufactures premium quality shafts and the AC by ACCRA is no different, we just wanted to offer ACCRA fitters the opportunity fit ACCRA to all golfers” continued Mr. Makarucha

Look for our review of the new Accra AC shaft coming to Golf Gear Select soon!

original source:  Accra blog